Deloitte's hiring: Java Developer

  Deloitte's hiring: Java Developer

Company :Deloitte

Job Role: Java Developer

Qualification: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field

Year of Passing: 2023 or later

Work Location: Bengaluru

salary: 6 LPA

Experience: 0 - 1 year of experience in Java Development

Last Date of Application: March 15, 2024


  1. Spring Experience: If you've used Spring frameworks, like Spring Boot, that's a big plus!
  2. Database Know-How: Experience with databases, like MySQL or PostgreSQL, is a bonus.
  3. Testing Skills: If you know your way around testing frameworks, such as JUnit, that's awesome!
  4. Node.js and ReactJS Familiarity: If you've worked with Node.js or ReactJS.
  5. As a Potential Candidate, You Should Have:

    1. Java Basics Whiz: Know the basic ideas and rules of Java programming really well.
    2. Tech Tools Familiarity: Be comfortable using common Java tools and libraries, like IDEs and Git.
    3. Ready to Learn: Be excited to learn and get better as a developer.
    4. Problem Solver: Good at finding solutions to problems and thinking analytically.
    5. Talk and Team Up: Be great at talking and working with others.
    6. Work Alone, Take Charge: Can work alone and take the lead when needed.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Build Cool Features: Make and look after small to medium-sized parts of our computer programs.
  2. New to Java? No Problem! If you've been doing Java stuff for a year or less, that's just fine!
  3. Help the Experts: Work with the experienced folks to write and test the code we use in Java.
  4. Check the Work: Write tests and join discussions about the code to make sure it's good.
  5. Tech Detective: Figure out and solve basic technical problems when they pop up.
  6. Learn and Do It Right: Understand and use the best methods for writing clean, easy-to-keep-up code that works well.
  7. Team Up: Work together with designers, product managers, and other developers on our projects.
  8. Stay in the Loop: Keep up with the newest things happening in Java technologies.

About company: Every single day, the people at Deloitte are out there making a real difference in the communities they call home. We take pride in not just doing what's right for our clients but also what's right for our own people and the places where we live and work. We aim to be a company that sets the standard for quality, honesty, and making positive changes.


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